By John F. Methvin of 1063 Euclide Ave., Atlanta, Ga.
Year of 1932

The Methvin family are of Scotch descent, and as some evidence of this will say that in my investigation of the history of the Methvin family, I have had some correspondence with Rev. J.J. Methvin, who was born and reared in Twiggs County, Georgia, but now resides in Anadarko, Okla. He is now in his 85th year. In his last letter that I received from him under date of April 5th, 1932, in reference to the history of the Methvin family, he says this:

"In the summer of 1872, I spent some time with Prof. Train in the mountains of N.E. Georgia. He was the superintendent of the public schools in Savannah at the time. He was a native of Scotland, and told me much about the Methvins there, among whom he had some intimate friends. He told me of the village of Methvin near the city of Perth, of the title of Earl that had become extinct, but the family or clan was still prominent etc., and insisted that I ought to get the Methvin coat of arms."

In order to corroborate the statement of Prof. Train, I have examined several volumes of Scotch history, all of which contains a map of Scotland, and the Atlas of the World, which contains an extensive map of Scotland, and I find in all these maps, the name METHVEN, marking the cite of the Methven village near the city of Perth in Perth County. As to the antiquity of the name, Methvin, I find that there was a contest between King Edward the First of England and Robert Bruce for the Scottish crown, and this contest was settled adversely to Bruce at the village of Methvin on the 19th of June 1306. (History of Scotland by Macintosh, page 62). The Methvin's in Scotland spell the name Methven, the Methvin's in England spell the name Methuen, and the Methvin's in the U.S. spell the name Methvin. All three of these names are one and the same.

In the last quarter of the 18th century, there was a small colony of the Methvin family, brothers and cousins, came to the United States, landing at New York City, from there they dispersed, and from what my father told me when I was a small boy, one of this colony settled in South Carolina, one went to Texas, two of the brothers settled in Barbour County, Alabama, near Eufaula, and two or three settled in middle Georgia, in two or more counties, Baldwin, Twiggs, Wilkinson and Jones. My father told me the names of this colony, as told to him by his father, my grandfather, were THOMAS, JAMES, WILLIAM, DANIEL, ROBERT, JOHN, SAMUEL and NATHAN; these are all the names that I remember.

The family of NATHAN METHVIN

My grandfather, NATHAN METHVIN, was born and reared in Edenburg, Scotland, and came to the U.S. as one of the colony above referred to, after landing at New York City, he came down to the state of Delaware and settled at Chesapeake Bay. There he married and English lady, her name I have forgotten. By this union they had one son born, Richard R. Methvin. Soon after the birth of this son, they moved to Baldwin County, Ga. and settled near Millidgeville. There they reared a family of seven sons and one daughter; namely, RICHARD R. born in Delaware, DANIEL R., THOMAS, BENJAMIN, JOSEPH, PEGGY, COTTON my father, and WILLIAM L. After the family grew up, grandfather and mother moved to Dooley County, Ga. at what date I do not remember, they died in Dooley County and are buried near Vienna, at what date I don't remember.

A) RICHARD R. METHVIN went to Texas around 1825 and settled in Gregg County. There he purchased twelve hundred acres of land on which the town of Longview was laid out and built. He gave the county the cite on which the courthouse is built in the center of Broad St, and he built his home at the north end of Broad St., and died there several years before the civil war. Having lost my diary, I don't remember the date of his death. He left a wife who did not survive him long. He had two sons, O.H. and John Methvin. John was killed in the civil war in Virginia. The estate fell to O.H. Methvin. When the Texas and Pacific Railway was built it ran through Longview. O.H. Methvin gave the railway company the depot cite and several alternate lots in Longview to locate the depot at the south end of Broad Street. O.H. Methvin was a Methodist minister; While in life he gave the lot and built a large brick church upon the lot at his expense and then deeded it to the trustees of the church and their successors in perputuity. He died as I remember, in 1879, leaving his wife, four sons and one daughter, all of whom were living in Longview in May 1882 at which time I spent several days with the family.

B) DANIEL R. METHVIN went to Meriwether County, Ga., and settled at Lutherville. For several years he was engaged in the real estate business. This I found through my examination of the early deeds of file in the clerk's office of the Superior Court of Meriwether County. I found a large number of deeds and other real estate transactions bearing his name. In the fall of 1850, he moved of Gleburne Parrish, Louisiana. There he reared a large family, sons and daughters, whose decendants reside in Louisiana. I do not remember the date of Uncle Daniel's death. It was several years before the Civi1 War.

C) THOMAS METHVIN went to Sumpter County, Ga. and settled near Americus. There he married and reared a family of two sons and one daughter, Green, George, and Zilphey. In 1853, with his family he moved to southwest Ga. near the Fla. and Ala. lines. What became of the family, I do not know.

D) BENJAMIN METHVIN moved to Sumpter County and settled on the stage line running from Oglethorpe to Americus on Sweetwater Creek. There he reared a family of four sons and three daughters. He died in 1853 and is buried at Braswells Cemetary near Andersonville, Ga. His children were Jasper, Ben, Joseph, William, Sarah Jane, Margaret and Puss. Jasper married Elmira Braswell and went to Mississippi, where he reared a large family of children. He accumulated considerable property and died just before the Civil War. His descendents live in Miss. as far as I know. Ben Methvin married and raised a family of sons and daughters. He settled some ten miles northeast of Americus where he accumulated considerable real estate. He engaged in the sawmill and lumber business and merchandise and was connected with the Banks of Americus. He died at Americus on 1929 and is buried at Americus. His children and grandchildren live in Sumpter County. Joseph was killed at Petersburg, Va. June 1864. William was accidently killed by being run over by a logcart and crushed to death. The three daughters married and raised families. They died many years ago and their children live in Sumpter County.

E) JOSEPH METHVIN went to Bibb County and settled in East Macon. He reared a family and died in 1868 and is buried at Fort Hill in East Macon. I do not know what became of his family.

F) PEGGY married James Miller, one of the pioneer merchants of Americus, Ga. She had two or three children. What became of them I do not know. They died in 1859 or 1860, and are buried in Americus, Ga.

G) COTTIE METHVIN discussed later.

H) WILLIAM L. METHVIN was born March 1, 1807. He went to Albany, Daugherty County Ga. and engaged in real estate and livestock business. Subsequently, he moved to Griffin, Spalding Co. Ga, where he built a large hotel on Hill Street and operated same for several years. In 1851 he sold his hotel and went to Twiggs County and engaged in overseeing for Hodey Hughes of Twiggs County. He married an orphan girl that Hodey Hughes raised, so I understood. I do not remember her maiden name, but her given name was Samantha. He raised a family of four children, one son and three daughters, Daugherty, Sallie,Mary and Fannie. He died in 1866 and is buried at Jeffersonville, Twiggs County. After the family grew up, Daughtery went to New York City and engaged in the mechantile business. Aunt Samantha and the three girls moved to Macon. Aunt Samantha and Fannie died there several years ago. Sallie married and now lives in Orlando, Fla. Mary married a man by the name of Hutchens of Macon. She raised a family of several children. Her husband died as I remember in 1929. Mary lives in Macon with her children.


Cottie Methvin, my father, was born in Baldwin County, Ga. April lO, 1805. He married Martha Ann Drake of Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga. in 1831. He moved to Fayette Co. Ga. and settled near English's Mill, now Star's Mill. He resided there for several years and moved over into Coweta County, near Ringbone, now Keadron. He raised a family of ten children, seven sons and three daughters namely, George Ann, Russell, Thomas W., Lorenzo, Mary, Richard R., John F. (my name), William L., Eliza, and Cottie D. George Ann, Lorenzo, and Mary died in 1844. In the fall of 1851, father moved to Sumpter County, Ga. Eliza and Cottie D. were born there. In September 1857 Russell died and is buried at the Braswell Cemetery near Andersonville, Ga. In the winter of 1857 father moved back to Coweta County, Ga. and settled on thew Gordon Road five miles southeast of Newnan, Ga. He resided there until 1872 and moved to Senoia and resided there until his death which occurred on the 7th day of February 1885, and is buried in the cemetery at Senoia. My mother, Martha Ann Methvin was born April 19, 1818 and died the 4th of July of 1899, and is buried by the side of father in the cemetery at Senoia.


1) GEORGE ANN METHVIN died in 1844

2) RUSSELL METHVIN died Sept. 1857

3) THOMAS W. METHVIN married Mary Wright of Coweta Co., in December 1865, and settled at Senoia, Ga., reared a family of four children, one son and three daughters, Daniel R., Ella, Laura and Lucy. Daniel R. lives at Anniston, Al., has a wife and six children, three sons and three daughters. Laura and Lucy died several years ago. (Laura married Early J. Oglertree on 12/23/1891, Lucy married C.E. Dearman on 12/28/1897) Laura left a family of several children. Ella D. married D.Q. Vining (6/8/1893) and resides at Manchester, Meriwether County. In 1884 brother Thomas' first wife died and he married a second wife, Ophelia J. Peek (12/l/1885) of Turin, Ga. By this union he reared a family of four children, three sons and one daughter, Nix, Clarence, Henry and Cathleen. Nix married and has two children, son and daughter, and resides in Decatur, Dekalb Co., Ga. Clarence lives in Birmingham, Al. and has a wife and several children. Henry was accidently killed at Manchester, Meriwether Co., Ga., and left a wife and one child, a daughter. Cathleen Methvin married Nixon Arnall of Senoia Ga., she now resides in New Orleans, La., has no children.

4) LORENZO METHVIN died in 1844.

5) MARY METHVIN died in 1844.

6) RICHARD R. METHVIN married Elizabeth Hendrix of Coweta County in 1867, reared a family of five sons and three daughters; namely, George A., Lodie, Lemuel C., Mattie Lou, Lelia, Frank R. Walter J., and Wilbur E. (one son Charlie R. died at the age of five years). He moved to Clebourn Co. Al., entered into the merchantile business and established a post office in a rural area which was known as Methvin, Ala. Several years later he moved to Trade, Cullman County, Ala., a few years later he moved to Bear Creek, Marion County, Ala., where he engaged in the general merchandise business until just a few years before he died. After retiring from the mercantile business he moved to Leoma, Lawrence Co. Tenn., and resided there until he died which was in March of 1921. He left his wife and eight children surviving, his wife resided in Leana, Tenn. until a year or so before she died at which time she moved to Haleyville, Winston Co., Ala. She died there on the 27th day of January 1936 at the age of 91 years.

7) JOHN F. METHVIN the author of this history discussed later.

8) WILLIAM L. METHVIN married Clementine Tidwell of Meriwether Co., Ga., and reared a family of four daughters. He moved to Birmingham, Al. in 1890. He died there in 1927, three of his daughters and their families live in Birmingham, One daughter married C.L. Passmore lives in Little Rock, Ark.

9) Sister ELIZA METHVIN married W.J. Perdue of Meriwether County, reared a family of five sons and three daughters. Her husband died August 9, 1891, and his wife and children moved to Cullman County, Alabama. The children married off and have families and all reside in Cullman, so far as I know. Sister Eliza died in Cullman in June 1931. Age 78.

10) COTTON D. METHVIN went from Senoia, Ga. to Blount County, Ala. married and reared a family of four sons and one daughter. His wife died and all his children married off and reside in Cullman County, except one son, who resides in Akron, Ohio and is single. He lives among his children and is now seventy seven years of age.

I, JOHN F. METHVIN, was born in Coweta County, Ga. June 14th, 1848. I entered the Confederate service in January 1863, and was discharged from the service at Appomatox Court House, Va. on the 9th day of April, 1865. The record of which service I have already written and is now in the possession of my children.

On the 2nd, of December 1866, I married Emma H. Coleman of Meriwether Co, Ga. I lived in Meriwether County until the last day of December 1872, on which date I moved to Senioa County, Ga. There we reared a family of six children, two sons and four daughters, namely, Samuel A., Pleas A., Nettie, Minnie, Glynn and Sue. In December 1890, I moved with my family to Anniston, Ala. I resided there for four years, 1891-2-3-4, and in December 1894, I moved to Atlanta, Ga. and have resided here ever since.

I studied law and was admitted to practice at the bar at the August Term 1876 of Fayette Superior Court. I practiced in the Coweta and Flint Circuits of the United States for the Northern District of Ga, before Judge Erskin in the City of Atlanta, in March 1878. Was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Ga., on the 12th day of March 1879. Was admitted in the Superior Courts of Alabama in 1891. Was admitted to practice in the District and Circuit Courts of the United States for the northern District of Ala. in 1892. Was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama in 1892. Was admitted to practice in the United States Circuit Court of Appeals at New Orleans, La., at October term 1904. Was admitted to practice in the Court of Georgia Appeals in 1910. I moved to Atlanta, Ga., December 1904 and have resided here ever since.

My wife, Emma H. Methvin, died the 14th day of April 1930. We had been married and lived together as husband and wife, sixty-four years, four months and fourteen days at the time of her death. I cannot refrain from saying she contributed largely to my happiness, success and achievements of life. During her entire life, she exemplified the highest type of Christian Character from girl-hood to the grave. Her home and children were the ideal of her heart, and she remains and will ever remain in my heart as a green spot in memory's waste.

I am not sufficiently informed as to give any definite account of the history of the descendants of the Methvins who came from Scotland with my grandfather as narrated in the first part of this narrative. The best information I have is from J.J. Methvin residing in Anadarko, Oklahoma. He says, "My grandfather settled in middle Georgia in one of three counties, Baldwin, Twiggs or Wilkinson, but he thinks it was Twiggs County. His name was Thomas and he has four sons and two daughters namely; James, William, John, Samuel, Nancy and Lizzie. John was my father, he was born in 1811 and died in 1879." From the statement of J.J. Methvin quoted above, I am satisfied that his grandfather, Thomas Methvin was a first cousin of my grandfather, Nathan Methvin, and was one of the Methvin colony that came from Scotland with him.

I lived in Anniston, Alabama 1891-94. Judge Cassidy was the judge of the city court of Anniston; he was my neighbor and being in the practice of law, I was associated nearly every day with him. He was born and reared in Barbour County, Ala. He said that when he was a boy there were two old brothers named Methvin that lived near Eufaula, Barbour County, Ala. He said they owned adjoining plantations and had considerable real wealth, that they reared large families and by intermarriage, a large percentage of the people of Barbour County are related to the Methvin family. He said they were Scotch people and came there from Scotland. Judge Cassidy told me their names but I have forgotten them. I am and have been satisfied for many years that these two Methvin brothers that Judge Cassidy told me of in Barbour County Ala. were two of the Methvin colony that came with my grandfather from Scotland.

In 1892, there were two Methvin brothers who lived at Senica, S.C. moved to Birmingham, Ala. and went into the coal business; I went to their place of business twice on my visits to Birmingham, but they were not in and I failed to meet them. I am satisfied that these two Methvin brothers were the descendants of the Methvin who came in the colony with my grandfather and settled in South Carolina.

In my tour of Texas in 1882, I found a Methvin family living in Belton, Bell County, Texas, with whome I spent two days in May, 1882. It was the family of Thomas Methvin; his wife was Sarah Methvin. She said her husband was born and reared in the panhandle of Texas, I think Grayson County. She said he came to Jackson County, Ala. and married her and came directly to Belton, Bell County, Texas. She said they were among the earliest settlers of Belton, and that he remained there the rest of his life and died there somewhere about 1870. I had a diary in which I noted all she told me about their history, but it was burned in my office in Atlanta, in December 1901, and I have to rely on my memory of what she told me. At his death, he left her and four children, three sons and one daughter. I have forgotten their names. Being a pioneer settler of Belton, he accumulated considerable property in Belton, he owned several large brick stores and built a large hotel on the west side of the courthouse square in which he died, and in which her and her children were living when I was there. None of her children were married; her youngest son was in the drug and jewelry business in Temple, Bell County, Texas. Her other two sons managed their property interest in the operation of their hotel which was named "Methvin Hotel" From what I learned from Mrs. Methvin, I was satisfied that her husband was a son of the Methvins that came from Scotland with my grandfather and settled in Texas.

Before completion of this biography, I shall undertake to give some history of the maternal side of my house. My maternal grandmother was Rebecca Rawls, she was born and reared in Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga. She was born in 1790. She had two brothers and three sisters, namely, Isaac, Joseph, Harriet, Caroline and Sarah. Isaac settled in Jackson County, Ga. He was one of the pioneer merchants of Jefferson. I never saw him but once when he came on a visit to see his sister, my grandmother in 1858, in Coweta County. He died during the Civil War and is buried at Jefferson, Jackson County, Ga. Joseph Rawls moved to Plains, Sumpter Co. Ga. and died there just before the Civil War. Sarah Rawls married a man by the name of Eubanks. I don't know how many children she had, she had one son, Joseph Eubanks, who moved to Newnan, Coweta Co. Ga. He married a lady by the name of Mary Carmichael, reared a family of four sons and three daughters. Just after the Civil War he and his family moved to Atlanta, where he lived until his death, which occurred in 1886 or 1887. As I remember all of his children married and reared families in Atlanta, but all are dead now, except one son and two daughters. I do not remember what became of Caroline and Harriett Rawls. I have forgotten the name of my grandfather Rawls and from where he came.

My grandmother married Lemuel Braxton Drake, who was a son of Thomas Drake who came from Virginia., and settled in either Jackson or Warren Counties Ga. He was my great grandfather and a direct descendant of the distinguished family of Sir Francis Drake of the British Government. I do not remember when he was born or married. He died about 1795, at or near Warrenton, Ga. My grandfather, Lemuel Braxton Drake was born in Virginia, and died in Louisville, Ga. about 1840. My grandfather Drake reared a family of six children, three sons and three daughters, namely, Francis, Thomas, William, Eliza, Martha my mother, and Mary. Soon after the death of grandfather Drake, grandmother and her family moved from Louisville to Coweta Co, Ga. Francis Drake married Ernely Bexley of Coweta County, raised a family of three sons. All the family are dead now except one son, W.A. Drake, who resides at Moreland, Ga. and is now in his eighty-fifth year. Thomas Drake married Cumy Morgan and reared a family of thirteen children. He died in 1888, his wife died in 1898. All of his children are dead except two, Alvey Drake and Fannie Hughie, who lives in Cullman County, Al. William Drake married Nancy Morgan, reared a family of two sons and six daughters. He and his wife died in 1893. Elisa Drake married Elijah Mitchell and raised three children, two sons and one daughter namely, Trussie, Henry and Sarah. They moved to Talledega Co. Ala., in 1853. Uncle Elijah and Aunt Eliza died in 1870. Mary Drake married E.P. Bailey in 1858, they had no children. Her husband died at Tallapoosa County, Ga. in 1890, and she died in 1903 at the age of eighty-three.

Grandmother Drake died in March 1879, age eighty nine years, and is buried at Tranquill Church Cemetary near Turin, Coweta County, Ga.

In writing this brief history of the Methvin and Drake families, I have been guided by the information I obtained from my father, mother, and my grandmother, Rebecca Drake, who was intimately acquainted with the Methvin family from the eighteenth century, and from talking with the older heads of both families wherever I have met them since I was a small boy. I transmit this brief history of our family to the keeping of my family.

This the 23rd, day of May, 1932 John F. Methvin

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