Methven, Methuen, Meffan, Meffen:

Surname derives from Methven, a village 5 miles West of Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.

Robert de Methven witnessed a confirmation charter of David, bishop of St.Andrews, concerning the church of Wemyss, c.1233-55 (Soltre,p26)

Roger de Methfenn of the county of Perth rendered homage in 1296 (Bain, II, p199)

Dominus Roger Meffen was witness to a grant by John Moncreiff before 1320 (Milne, p6) and Thomas de Methfen held the office of chamberlain in Aberdeen in 1340 (ER, I, p456).

John of Meffen, doctor of decrees, one of the commissioners for concluding peace between Scotland and England in 1451 (Bain, IV, p1239) may be the John Methfen, vicar of Edinburgh, who had a safe conduct into England in 1454 (ibid, p1267).

Paul Methuen was an early Scottish Reformer, and the founder of the London publishing house of Methuen and Company was of Scottish origin.

Mathven 1449, Meffane 1444, Meffan 1559, Methvine 1670.

Source: “The Surnames of Scotland”, G.F.Black, NY Public Library, 5th printing, 1979.

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